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Meet the Kokedama: A Mini Living Landscape

Posted by The Sill on

A traditional Japanese art form, kokedama 苔玉 translates to 'moss ball' in English. Sometimes referred to as the poor man's bonsai - wet bonsai soil and peat are mixed together and molded around the roots of the plant. The ball is then covered in moss and wrapped with string, transforming common house plants into miniature, living-landscape sculptures. Hang it by twine - or go a more traditional route and set it in a bowl or on a plate. 

General Kokedama Care 


- Moderate to bright, indirect sunlight. Avoid bright, direct sun, especially in the summer.


- Submerge the ball, not the plant, in a container of room temperature water once a week, for 3-5 minutes. Try to water (and mist) only in the morning.


- Average home temperature and moderate to high humidity. Mist lightly between waterings to increase humidity.


- Do not let the Kokedama dry out completely. 


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