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Tastemakers: Sarah Goldschadt

Posted by The Sill on

The third installment of our new Tastemakers series shines the spotlight on local maker Sarah Goldschadt, of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Sarah is a freelance art director and maker, who captured our hearts with her adorable, handmade knit and crochet 'carefree cacti' - no sunlight or water required!

Can you share a little bit about and carefree cacti?

Sah-rah is a phonetic spelling and Americanized way of saying my name in Danish (normally it's pronounced with a guttural 'R' sound). Over the years it became my online identity to share my design and crafts. I was born in Copenhagen - and spent all my childhood summers there, which strongly influenced my simple, modern aesthetic. Then growing up in Minnesota, I was surrounded by a family of makers.

Currently, I work as a freelance graphic designer for various print and digital magazines - and because most of my day involves sitting in front of a computer, it’s nice to come home and make something with my hands. I started making carefree cacti a few years ago and have slowly become more obsessed with cacti ever since. Since I know how to knit, crochet, and sew, I experimented with different ways of making them until I felt comfortable selling them at local markets and on Etsy. I am currently making limited editions from recycled wool garments and am starting to create a line to offer as wholesale. 

What's a secret skill you have? 

I’m pretty decent at badminton. I joined my high school team my senior year and we placed first in our conference! 

What's the best present you've given or received? 

Last year I hand-sewed my niece a 3-D alphabet from felt and made objects coordinating with each letter. I photographed everything and designed and printed a book. At 18 months old she’s a little too young to enjoy it now, but I hope she'll enjoy it when she gets older.

If your space was on fire, what's the first thing you'd grab to save? 

My husband’s dog, Miso. She’s the cutest! 

What's on your to-do list today? 

Making 20 carefree cacti for a bride who wants to use them as centerpieces at her wedding.

Do you have a green thumb? 

My husband and I pretend to. We’re always on the search for fun planters and have run out of room on our window sills. 

Any plant care tips you can share? 

Don't be afraid to propagate succulents. 

What tops your houseplant wish list? 

A super-tall cacti. Maybe I just need to make one... : ) 


(Images via Sarah Goldschadt. Visit Sarah's website, Instagram, and Etsy shop.) 


p.s. follow us on Instagram to learn how to enter to win a carefree cacti!


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