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Employee Appreciation Day

Posted by The Sill on

This Friday, March 6th, is Employee Appreciation Day - a chance to reward and thank the individuals that help you in a multitude of ways each and every day. Happy employees form the fundamental core for a strong, profitable business. In other words, investing in your employees is not only the right thing to also pays off. Below are our top tips for securing happy employees, cultivating a healthy workplace, and consequently, building a strong business. 


1. Fair pay.

Bottom line, your employees need to earn a living. That's why they have a job - not a hobby. 

2. Useful benefits.

Whether it's health care or free lunch - if you're not willing to go the extra mile, why should they be? 

3. Occasional bonuses.

Let them share in good times, too. They'll feel like a part of company, not just employed by it. 

4. Comfortable workplace.

Encourage employees to be themselves in the workplace. In a no-judgement space, creativity blossoms. 

5. Celebrate occasions.

Whether it be a national holiday or an employee milestone - celebrations reduce stress and build bonds. 


1. Light

Windows make all the difference when you're sitting inside for 8+ hours. No windows? Invest in full-spectrum bulbs and SAD lamps.

2. Coffee

And tea! This not only saves your employees a couple bucks a day, but provides the added comfortable of drinking from a mug instead of a styrofoam cup.

3. Snacks

We've all seen the Snicker's commercials. A hungry employee is not a happy employee.

4. Plants

Plants not only enhance the overall appearance of your office, but they also boost moods, strengthen morale, reduce stress, and eliminate indoor air pollutants.

5. Music

Your workplace playlist is as important as your workout playlist. Music can instantly lift your mood, boost your energy, reduce your stress, and create an ambiance.

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  • Definitely tea! Editing #2 now – thanks, Georgia.

    The Sill on

  • How about tea?

    Georgia | Notes on Tea on

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