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Tastemakers: Local Creative BK

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Being a small business with locally-made product is something we pride ourselves on. And ever since the opening of our first brick-and-mortar last November, we've been able to finally connect with some of our customers face-to-face and realize they, too, appreciate that aspect of our company. So it was no surprise that when the founders of the lifestyle blog Local Creative reached out to us for an interview corresponding with their site relaunch - a beautiful local-maker relationship was born.

We're thrilled to return the love and reverse the roles by featuring them on The Plant Hunter in the first of our Tastemakers series. Meet Nicole Steriovski and Jenna Saraco, co-founders of Local Creative in Greenpoint, Brooklyn –


Can you share a little bit about Local Creative and its corresponding Kickstarter 'A Local Creative Loft'?

Local Creative is a collaborative lifestyle collective. Through our images and words we tell the stories of local makers, artists and entrepreneurs in communities where we live, shop, eat, travel and gather. With our curated project we hope to move others to choose local and make a difference in supporting these small businesses.
Our Kickstarter is a love letter to our maker, entrepreneurial spirited community. The local loft will be a space we can run the day to day of our blog but will also be open for workshops, events, gatherings, photo shoots and rentals to public. Essentially a one-stop shop for all that is local. The loft will also be furnished entirely by local makers, artisans and artists – and act as a showroom for their exceptional products. 


Secret skill:

J: Nicole and I can read each others minds
N: I can bake which comes as a surprise to most people who know me

Best present you’ve given or received:

J: Just thinking about this question makes me feel so grateful for all the gifts I’ve been given, but one that stands out is a trip to Savannah my boyfriend took me on for Valentine’s Day one year.
N: My boyfriend got me a really beautiful off-white colored bicycle with tan leather seating for my birthday. It’s super useful but still pretty to look at.

Your space is on fire – what’s the first thing you grab?

J: Cat and computer… Sorry that’s two – but in that order.
N: My cat Los – don’t know what I would do without him. 

Today’s to-do list:

J: Update the blog, feed the cat, take some photos, email people about Kickstarter, edit some photos, grab drinks and talk about clothes with Jessica from Objects without Meaning, obsessively check the Kickstarter page for donations!
N: Email people about our Kickstarter, film something in motion for a class project, then drinks with this awesome girl we just met named Jessica from a new fashion brand we are very into.

Green thumb?

J: I wish I did, but I just don’t think I do. I think I’m well intentioned but my attention span fails me. I always forget to water when I should. Though, I’m not a complete loss, I’ve managed to keep a few plants alive through this winter – an improvement since last year.
N: I would say yes – I get a lot of compliments that my plants are nice and green in my apartment. This winter has proven very difficult to keep them all alive with the heating pipes vs. cold weather.

Top plant care tip:

J: Pay attention to your plants. They’ll tell you what they need.
N: When I am watering my plants I like to pretend the plant is drinking a glass of water. I try to really put myself in the plant’s shoes (or roots) to see when it’s had enough to drink. I think that’s why they are healthy – each plant needs special and individual care & attention.

Houseplant wish-list:

J: One fiddle leaf fig tree as tall as I am.
N: ALL the plants. Just a house full of green. I would really love a rubber tree, also a bunch of mini cacti and succulents.


(all images via Local Creative



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