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#GrowYourLove with the Hoya kerrii

Posted by The Sill on


The valentine, redefined.

Skip the roses this year… there are more unique ways to covey your love. Meet the Hoya kerrii plant. It's no surprise that its fleshy heart-shaped leaves have earned it the nickname of the sweetheart plant.

A species of Hoya native to southeast Asia, the Hoya kerrii is a slow-growing succulent vine. Particularly easy to care for, it is one of a few species of Hoya plants that makes for an ideal houseplant. A low-maintenance gem, it requires infrequent waterings and bright-to-moderate, indirect light - care similar to most succulents and cacti.

Hardy like its drought-tolerate relatives, we recommend watering about every 2 weeks. Better to underwater this fellow than to overwater it. Nervous its parched? The Hoya kerrii leaves will start to show little wrinkles if not given sufficient water.

Looking for a sweetheart of your own? #GrowYourLove is the perfect sized surprise to sweeten anyone's Valentine's Day. Each hand-potted heart-shaped Hoya leaf is rooted in soil, starting the propagation of your own Hoya kerrii plant! With the right amount of love, water, and time (they're slow-growers by houseplant standards) - heart-shaped leaf after heart-shaped leaf will grow. Did we mention they're non-toxic? Making them also perfect for that special cat-lady in your life. 

Hoya Kerrii 101

Family: Asclepiadaceae
Genus: Hoya
Species: kerrii

Plant Care

Light: Bright to moderate, indirect sunlight
Water: 1x every 10-12 days; let soil dry out between waterings
Humidity: Normal
Temperature: Normal (65 degrees F - 80 degrees F)


Rotting: Overwatering; high humidity; cold temperatures
Shriveling: Under-watering; root rot
No Growth: Patience is a virtue!
Color Loss: Needs more sunlight


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  • I am looking to purchase the sweetheart Hoya, can u tell me where I might purchase it?

    Karen DOnovan on

  • I am looking to purchase the sweetheart Hoya, can u tell me where I might purchase it?

    Karen DOnovan on

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