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Prolong The Life of Holiday Houseplants

Posted by The Sill on

Unlike cut flowers - houseplants don't have an expiration date, which is one of the many reasons we love them! Popular holiday houseplants like vibrant poinsettias and miniature evergreens can survive long after the holiday season is over. Below are our top four tips to make sure your holiday plants outlast your holiday decorations. 

- Light

Common holiday plants like poinsettias, evergreens, and christmas cacti prefer moderate, indirect light. Keep them on a windowsill to give them the most amount of daylight as possible. If the sunlight is direct, draw a thin curtain during the day. If your apartment lacks natural light altogether, you can try placing your plants directly under a fluorescent lamp during the day. 

- Temperature

Be mindful of the temperature indoors. You might want to blast your heat when you get home from work - but ideally holiday plants like it humid but cool. They prefer 60-70 degrees fahrenheit during the day, and 50-60 degrees fahrenheit at night. Unless you live in southern Florida, don't plan to place your plants outside until late spring. Remember - poinsettias are native to Mexico.

- Water

Water your plants about twice a week, but be careful not to overwater them, which leads to root rot. Empty the planter's saucer if there's excess water. You can help keep smaller evergreens moist by misting them with a spray bottle two to three times a week. Poinsettias can benefit from some extra humidity as well.

- Trim

You can save significant pruning for the springtime, but remove all dead leaves and flowers from your holiday plants - like crispy poinsettias leaves. If they're in holiday packaging, for example a paper or foil sleeve, it's time to remove it. Decorative sleeves usually push leaves up and block light, which ultimately shortens a plant's lifespan. And repot those in plastic nursery pots into something more substantial, like ceramic or terra cotta. 


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