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Winter Plant Care

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Our Top 5 Tips for Winter Plant Care

  1. Plants like stability - fluctuation in their environment's temperature can seriously stress them out. We recommend keeping your plants away from heating units, radiators, fires, and from open windows or front doors that might create draughts. 
  2. Most houseplants are dormant during the winter - so it is important to tweak your watering schedule. Allow soil to dry out completely between waterings. If you know your plant prefers humid conditions, mist it weekly so it stays moist but not soaked. Soaked soil can lead to root rot. 
  3. Put away the fertilizer & plant food! Give your plant a break. 
  4. If your plants are leaning towards their light source, gradually rotate them to help them straighten up. 
  5. Dust off leaves weekly. Dirt build-up can reduce the amount of light getting to your plant - which can be detrimental when days are short! To combat extreme dirt build-up, use water with a drop or two of lemon juice or household soap and a soft cloth.


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