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Happy Holidays from The Sill team!

Posted by The Sill on

Eliza Blank

Team Position: Founder
Neighborhood: Fort Greene
Local Recommendation: Brooklyn Flea or Fort Greene Farmers Market for apple cider donuts
Favorite Holiday Activity: Playing in the snow; sledding; cozying up by a fire - - in that order.
Favorite Gift To Give: Anything subscription based - a gift that keeps on giving
Holiday Wish List: A cashmere beanie, please! It's going to be a cold winter. 

Andrew Erdle

Team Position: Director of Product
Neighborhood: Morningside Heights
Local Recommendation: Walk in the park
Favorite Holiday Activity: Wearing moccasins/White Russians
Favorite Gift To Give: Books
Holiday Wish List: Books

Erin Marino

Team Position: Head of PR & Marketing
Neighborhood: Stuyvesant Town
Local Recommendation: Breakfast at Ess-a-Bagel
Favorite Holiday Activity: Watching christmas movies; wearing pajamas all day
Favorite Gift To Give: Something I've made or potted. 
Holiday Wish List: Ceramic classes; a [much needed] manicure  

Adam Menzies

Team Position: Gardener/Plant Specialist/Ceremonial Jester
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Local Recommendation: Cicro's Bakery
Favorite Holiday Activity: Singing/humming/whistling christmas music pretty much any time & place. For a good 30 days or so.
Favorite Gift To Give: Laughter and lottery tickets. 
Holiday Wish List: A good haul in the old stocking 

Kristin Monji

Team Position: Plant specialist/gardener; design/create/maintain client gardens
Neighborhood: Jersey City, NJ
Local Recommendation: Hiking in Liberty State Park followed by tacos at Taqueria Downtown 
Favorite Holiday Activity: Eating all of the special holiday food!
Favorite Gift To Give: Something I've grown myself
Holiday Wish List: A trip upstate to go horseback riding in the snow. 

Sam Sheppard 

Team Position: Studio Manager
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Local Recommendation: Eat at Bunna Cafe, Montana's Trail House, Arepera Guacuco or Dear Bushwick; see a show at the Bushwick Starr or Silent Barn; check out the Bushwick Collective murals 
Favorite Holiday Activity: Cooking, sharing, and consuming comfort food with friends. And going to lots of dance parties (to make room for more food). 
Favorite Gift To Give: Something made by hand, or experience gifts like classes, shows, or adventures.
Holiday Wish List: Travel! Anywhere will do. 

Joel "Ric Flair" Rogers

Team Position: Delivery/Installation
Neighborhood: Flatbush
Local Recommendation: Santana's Premium Cigars & Lounge
Favorite Holiday Activity: Meditation in the woods
Favorite Gift To Give: The best book I read during the year. 
Holiday Wish List: Peace in the Puzzle Palace on the Potomac


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