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Plant Of The Month: Snake Plant / Sansevieria trifasciata

Posted by The Sill on

We receive a handful of calls and emails a week asking what we'd recommend for the houseplant-weary. Our answer? A snake plant. One of our favorite houseplants, the snake plant is not only a beautiful sculptural addition to any room - it also improves indoor air quality, produces oxygen, and is incredibly easy to take of. 

Name: Sanseivieria trifasciata
Common Name: Snake Plant, Mother-In-Law's Tongue
Description: A no fuss, tropical succulent with thin upright leaves that resemble the skin of a reptile, recommended for improving air quality, that can grow almost anywhere
Care: Extremely low-maintenance
Origin: Western Africa
Light: Bright to light indirect light
Water: Every 1 to 2 weeks, allow soil to dry out completely between waterings
Temperature & Humidity: Average
Dislikes: Over-watering, cold temperatures and drafts 
Placement: A living space, for example a bedroom or family room
Benefits: Purifies air, produces oxygen 

* Top 5 Reasons We Love Snake Plants *

    1. Its adaptations for surviving drought make it a suitable plant choice for almost anyone, like a forgetful or busy owner 
    2. Although all air cleaning plants have the ability to produce O2, the snake plant has one of the highest conversion rates of carbon dioxide to oxygen 
    3. They tolerate low and artificial light, making them great for dim spaces like first-floor apartments and office cubicles 
    4. Snake plants come in a variety of variegations and are visually appealing 
    5. They have a low-toxicity level, making them less harmful to your furry friends than other common houseplants 


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    I have the plants already

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