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Welcome To New York City

Posted by The Sill on

There's something nostalgic about fall in New York City. Most of us were new to the city once. Many of us lost - and overly friendly - freshman, roaming subway platforms, asking the wrong people for the right directions. Wearing flip flops (which we now know are only acceptable foot-coverage in nail salons and locker rooms) and leisurely strolling down busy streets (find a park - people have places to go). But despite the road bumps, we're happy we came. And we're happy we stayed. If you love this city - it will love you back. Unconditionally.

Now it is time for you - the newest NYC transplants - to learn the ropes. It may seem strange at first, but in time, you too will call this city home. And in the meantime, we have a few tips to make that 200 square foot room feel like a little slice of familiarity… 

1) Printed Photos

Both Walgreens and CVS offer same day pickup. Upload your photos to their respective websites - you can even upload directly from your Facebook or Instagram account - and pick up your prints as soon as an hour later from your local store. Find frames at affordable home goods stores like Ikea and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

2) Potted Plants

Not only do plants enhance the appearance of a space, but they also… boost morale, productivity, concentration, and creativity; reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats, and colds; improve air quality, absorb toxins, produce oxygen and humidity; and improve dorm aesthetic, soften sterile interiors, plus reduce noise. Yeah - they're good at multitasking. 

3) Comfy Pillows

Chances are you're dorming. Chances are your mattress is not a tempurpedic. If you are going to splurge on any dorm decor, we urge you to splurge on your bedding. There's a whole slew of affordable mattress toppers and pillow choices out there - and they make all the difference. Make the little sleep you do get, good sleep. 


Looking for more dorm-decor inspiration? Follow our Back To School board on Pinterest! 



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