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Fall Plant Care

Posted by The Sill on

Autumn is fast approaching in NYC and we couldn't be more excited. There is something nostalgic about fall. To celebrate, we're… 

1. Layering… bring on the sweater weather :)
2. Planning our Halloween costume (a little DIY inspiration)  
3. Sipping on anything pumpkin-flavored
4. Potting our miniature Fall Collection
5. Tweaking our plant care routine (get our top tips below!)


As the temperature starts to change outside, your plant care should change inside. Follow our top plant care tips for fall to keep your houseplants healthy and happy…. 


- If you moved any of your houseplants outside for the summer months, it's time to bring them back indoors before it gets too chilly. Keep in mind they might have picked up a few friends during their summer vacation, so check your plants carefully for pests before bringing them indoors. (Find expert tips for dealing with pests here.) 


- Like dust accumulates on your bookshelf, it also accumulates on the leaves and stems of your houseplants, clogging the porous surface and making it difficult for them to "breathe". Lightly dust your houseplants with a damp cloth every week or so. 


- Indoor humidity levels drop considerably as buildings fire up their heating systems. This can be devastating for your houseplants, considering most of them are tropical in origin. Try to mist your plants daily, or invest in a humidifier. And never place plants next to or on top of a heater. 


- The angle of the sun changes considerably with the season, so pay close attention as fall settles in. Some of your houseplants might require a new location to receive the same amount of sun as they did during the summer. Additionally, rotate your houseplants every week or two so they receive light on all sides. 


- Because plants growth rate is considerably slower in the winter, your plants won't require as much water as they did during the summer. You might find yourself watering half - or even two-thirds - less frequently. For example, that succulent might be thirsty once a month (instead of once a week). Nervous about under-watering? Follow your gut - or our guide.


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