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Orange Office Essentials

Posted by The Sill on

Did you know the color orange increases oxygen supply to the brain? It produces an invigorating effect - stimulating mental activity and encouraging spontaneity and positivity. It has even be said to offer us emotional strength - helping us bounce back from disappointments. 

Obviously we should all find ways to add a little orange to our everyday environment! And for most of us - that's our office. So we've rounded up a few office essentials in this optimistic and uplifting hue to give your workspace a much-needed boost. We can feel the creativity flowing already.

Shop: Flower Crown - Art We Heart; Classic Notebook - Moleskine; Flowers Desktop Background - DesignLoveFest; Fluted August Potted Plant - The Sill; Stone Collection Water Bottle - S'well; Orange Starter Set - Poppin; Orange Ceramic Light Bulb - Anthropologie.



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  • I’m always drawn to black Moleskines but this post has changed my preference!

    - Christina

    Christina on

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