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NYC Summer Series: Get Your Hands Dirty II

Posted by The Sill on

Week 7/14 

If you have a spare day: 
Grab a white cheddar grilled cheese and a classic martini at The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Zagat-rated Roof Garden Café and Martini Bar. Relax and enjoy some of the best panoramic views of Manhattan.
If you have a spare hour: 
See Jeff Koon's 37-foot topiary Split-Rocker (2000) at Rockefeller Center. The sculpture, inspired by a child's rocking horse, is described as half toy pony, half toy dinosaur, and comprised of 50,000 flowering plants with their own internal irrigation system. Reactions have been mixed from New Yorkers and tourists alike.
If you have a spare minute:
Read a brief history of terrariums on Water Daily, the green thumb blog of our friends The Horticultural Society of New York, and be inspired to make a Wardian case of your own.


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