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Friday Find // Inflorescence

Posted by The Sill on

We came across the project Inflorescence by Swiss/Danish creative duo PUTPUT and couldn't help but giggle. This Denmark-based creative coupling focuses on contemporary art photography and sculpture. Their project Inflorescence is a photography series of "plants in a constructed and artificial state of bloom, documenting a meeting between the fictional and the real." The product is a contemporary take on still life that investigates the recognizability of common objects in an unexpected context.

See how many of the common household items you can recognize on their site. Extra points if you can name the plants ;) 

^ See what PUTPUT is currently working on by visiting their Facebook page


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  • Kind of cool if you ask me.

    Joshua on

  • Who thinks of these things? I never would have. But, they are cool.

    Houseplant Guru on

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