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Monday Musings // Jordan Tiberio

Posted by The Sill on

We first came across Jordan Tiberio's work on Tumblr. Intrigued by her use of foliage we wanted to learn more. Tiberio is a photography student at the Fashion Institute of Technology here in NYC. Despite the urban environment she calls home, most of her work is inspired by elements of nature. 

"Growing up - and still to this day - my Nana was an avid gardener," Tiberio shares. "Her yard was full of vegetable gardens, raspberry canes, and endless flower beds, all of which she painted beautiful paintings of." When Tiberio wasn't digging for worms in the garden or nibbling on mint leaves, she was inside her Nana's home painting. 

"Her being a prominent woman and artist in my life from a young age has had a huge influence on my work. My childhood resurfaces in my mind quite often considering I draw a lot from my memories when it comes to photographing." 

"I see the young girl I once was. She's swinging from the crab apple tree's branches, and the sun is setting just past the farmer's fields, into the forest. She has a pocket full of dandelions, a pair of grass stained knees, and not a care in the world." 

Sounds lovely. 

P.S. In addition to her Tumblr, you can see more of Jordan's work on her website and Instagram. All images courtesy of Jordan Tiberio. 



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