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Friday Find: Limegreen

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Meet Limegreen: Local and Lovely


It's true - we haven't used a multi-use products since our days of L'Oreal Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo (these: fish-shaped bottles). Until we came across Limegreen, a line of multi-use cleaning products proudly made in Brooklyn. They use ingredients we can pronounce, and have a young female entrepreneurial founder. We had to learn more. 

Founder Talima credits a North Carolina upbringing and her resourceful grandmother, Catherine, as her inspiration. "My grandmother always had some type of concoction up her sleeve," explained Talima.

After 11 years as an Art Production Manager, Talima decided to leave her career and devote herself full-time to Limegreen. A beauty product enthusiast, she found herself with a crowded medicine cabinet and an empty wallet."I wanted to create products that were genuinely multi-use. Not 'can be used as' if you get desperate." 

(Photo by Christine Cloutier) 

More About Talima, In Her Own Words


I am a maker, I make products and beautiful things. This past September I created something so much more - a beautiful baby girl. She has changed me in every way. I see myself in her. She loves to laugh and smile constantly - everything is funny to her (which isn’t so funny to me at three in the morning). It’s a great feeling to bring her to the studio and create. I love that she sees me doing what I love, everyday.



Favorite Products (They Change Daily)

Right now its Zinnia spray, a room, linen, and body spray.


Above: The Sill's product picks - spray, candle, oil. (Product photos by Alexis Lamb) 

Most Frequent Customer Feedback

[Because our products are multi-use] I hear customers say they use it down to the last drop, which makes me feel good. 


What's In The Works Now...

The release of our Balm - a calendula and chamomile based balm that I have been working on for a year. It is a lip and body balm, can tame fly aways, and for busy moms like me, it can be used on our little ones from head to toe.

And we have to ask - do you have a favorite plant?

My favorite type of plants are hen and chicks, a type of succulent, that reminds me of North Carolina. They thrive with little water and are beautiful. I do have a green thumb - this summer I have plans to turn my backyard into a vegetable garden. It is already April and I haven't planned a thing.

I have about 20 plants around my house and studio… Plants make me happy. Both my mom and grandmother have a million plants in their windowsills and around their homes.

Now that's a girl after our own heart… 


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