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Indoor Gardens // Kees Muizelaar

Posted by The Sill on

"Ever since my childhood I am fascinated by how people dress their windowsills with their plants," says documentary photographer Kees Muizelaar. "Throughout the years, I started paying more and more attention to how people would decorate their windowsills and arrange their plants."

Muizelaar's curiosity eventually got the best of him when he rang a doorbell and asked the residents if he could photograph their windowsill. This was the start of his exploration of the world of "indoor gardens" and the owners that care for them. "These owners create their own little oasis and want to keep in touch with nature," Muizelaar explains, "even if they live on the third floor of an apartment building." Looks like we need to up our houseplant game! #BringTheOutdoorsIn 






Images via - view more of Kees Muizelaar's fantastic work here




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