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Nightly Doodles // Jenipher Lyn

Posted by The Sill on

Meet the artist behind our new gift cards! Jenipher Lyn of Nightly Doodles is an illustrator specializing in whimsical, encouraging, and often punny, illustrations. In 2010, while going through a rough patch, Jenipher started a doodle project called Nightly Doodles. She has since continuously drawn one doodle just about every night and posts it to various web pages to inspire others. Since the start of the project, Nightly Doodles has grown into hangable artwork, tote bags, and even baby onesies. 

"My drawings are mostly whimsical, punny doodles, and happy, encouraging words of wisdom that everyone - especially women and girls - need to hear!" explains Jenipher. Affirmation is an important aspect of Jenipher's work. She considers her drawings to be her small contribution to make the big world a better place - one smile at a time. We think its working :D 


We're also thrilled to announce, after a successful Kickstarter project, Jenipher's encouraging book "How Being Stubborn, Depressed, and Unpopular Saved My Life" is in the process of being printed. You can preorder it here. (Image via Jenipher Lyn.) 




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