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Midweek Musing // Anastasia Dyakovskaya Photography

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We were introduced to writer and photographer Anastasia Dyakovskaya through a friend and instantly fell for her photos. Born and raised in New York City, hiking and camping were never part of Dyakovskaya's life growing up, but she always felt an innate desire to be more connected to nature. There's little she finds more awe-inspiring than vast expanses like the great American west and the Scottish Highlands, but it's the power of green spaces in big cities that she finds particularly fascinating.

“Whether it's a beautiful selection of succulents to come home to, or a 5-minute pause in a tree-lined city square, there's something immediately calming when in the presence of plants,” says Dyakovskaya, “a much-needed escape in a city like this.” We agree. 

Below, Dyakovskaya shares her favorite Green Escapes with us... 

1: I’m lucky enough to have a little oasis of my own at my apartment in Williamsburg. Our kitchen window leads out onto a quaint little rooftop, perfect for sunbathing and taking in a little greenery. After this crazy winter, I’m looking forward to when everything’s in bloom again.

2: Green space takes on a whole new meaning in the fall, when it starts to become red, yellow, orange, purple and so much more. New Yorkers are lucky in that we’re part of the Northeast, prime for autumn leaf-peeking adventures. Montreal is only a 6-hour drive away, and the ride is gorgeous. Perfect for a long weekend.

3: I look at this shot and Albany is the last place in the world that comes to mind, but this happens to be right on the edge of the city’s Empire State Plaza. It’s a beautiful, quiet reminder to take advantage of the corners of earth that happen to emerge in urban areas.

4: I captured this image on a day trip to the Storm King Art Center, which is just over an hour away from the city by car. It’s an amazing sculpture park with so much to see, and such a welcome retreat from NYC. This scene in particular struck me as a powerful expression of natural refuge.

5: San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is easily one of my most favorite city parks in the world. It’s wild and gorgeous and the trees are breathtaking – twice as tall as any that I’ve seen in New York City. Just beyond the path is Hippie Hill, an ideal spot for people watching.

6: Slacklining is hugely popular in Europe, and stumbling across a group of enthusiasts (like these in Montpellier) always makes for a fun departure from everyday life. I love how inviting green spaces are in that regard, especially in cities – they offer a chance to break away from daily routines and do something completely different.


P.S. All photography courtesy of Anastasia Dyakovskaya. You can view more of Dyakovskaya's work on her website World In Question


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