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Plantas Para Viver - Colectivo 71.86

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When Soraia Martins, co-founder of the company Colectivo 71.86, reached out and said she wrote about us we couldn't help but ask for a translated version to share. Colectivo 71.86 was founded in Lisbon, Portugal in late 2011. The company focuses on creative content development and their blog showcases their work and the work of others. It is a place for them to share their finds and what inspires them (including us!). 

They have graciously shared a translated version of the post with us below (but if you'd like to work on your Portuguese, you can find the original post here). 



I don't think I know a soul who would not enjoy the thrill that is to own plants at home or in the office: they fill the air, bring color to dim walls, cure diseases and heartbreaks. Yes, this is an official scientific experiment around here and I advise to anyone who wish to bring the best nature has to offer into their artificial and technical worlds to actually do it. This is where The Sill comes in, a company dedicated to something unique and wonderful, which chief purpose is to inspire people to accept the good side of the outdoors… indoors.

The Sill surely has a lot to offer and everything is related to potted plants and its benefits and tricks. First and foremost, it was founded by Eliza Blank, who loves Philodendron as much as I love a calzone from Casanova (a great Lisbon-based pizzeria), and it is composed of more five seemingly beautiful and serene beings. Back to what they do, The Sill is an expert on Plant Design Consultation, which is much more than a mere set of words: whatever your business is, they can plan in a way that you’ll have the right plants right beside you while working, along with the accurate know how on how to aggregate everything in a lovely way, and even create company gifts for your favorite clients, always resorting to a group of specialists that will not disappoint.

Your homes are not excluded, as The Sill can also transform that bland corner of your house into a proper photo shoot set so you can fill Instagram for three days. More: The Man Repeller or Apartment Therapy are loyal customers and the press cannot get enough of them. It was wonderful to come across with them, but only when we get our flat in Manhattan we’ll be able to request their services. One day. 






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  • Thank you all SO MUCH. It really means a lot to us you took the time to share this with your readers. We hope you have a great life, with amazing accomplishments and loads & loads of happiness on your side. We’ll never forget the gesture :)

    Soraia & Sandra
    Colectivo 71.86

    Colectivo 71.86 on

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