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#GrowYourLove Meet the Hoya kerrii

Posted by The Sill on

Skip the roses, there are more unique plants that can be used to covey your love! Meet the Hoya kerrii plant. Its green and fleshy heart-shaped leaves have earned it the nicknames "lucky heart" and "sweetheart plant".

A species of Hoya native to southeast Asia, the Hoya kerrii is a slow-growing succulent vine that climbs up other plants and around branches to reach sunlight. As it grows, it forms roots that help it cling onto supporting surfaces. An indoor Hoya kerrii can be potted hanging as a trailing plant or tabletop with a trellis to climb up.

Particularly easy to care for, it is one of a few species of Hoya plants that makes for an ideal houseplant. A low-maintenance gem, it requires infrequent waterings and bright to moderate indirect light, similar to most succulents and cacti. A little watering tip of the trade - the Hoya leaves will start to show littler wrinkles if not given sufficient water. 

Looking for a sweetheart of your own? #GrowYourLove is the perfect sized surprise to brighten anyone's Valentine's Day. Each hand potted heart-shaped Hoya leaf is rooted in soil, starting the propagation of your own Hoya kerrii plant. With the right amount of love, water, and time, heart-shaped leaf after heart-shaped leaf will grow. Each plant comes carefully packaged and gift wrapped with a handwritten note and easy to follow care instructions. 


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  • To: Paul (10-20-16) I’ve had my “single green leaf” Hoya – with no other growth – for 2.5 years now. Frustrating? You bet! And the standoff continues…

    Michael on

  • I bought a heart shaped Hoya in Feb. It was rooted then and the leaf is still green. That is 9 months ago. No new growth. I’m getting old waiting. Lol

    Paul on

  • My plant now has 3 heart shaped leaves (2 large and 1 small) How do I go about propagating (additional) plants for friends?

    chuck on

  • Hi Sylvia,

    If it is growing out of its current pot, roots and all, it definitely could use a repot!

    Check out our Repotting 101 blog post for some tips:

    Happy potting!

    The Sill on

  • I have a hoya doing well how do I know when
    it needs repotting seems to be growing out of
    pot and roots are coming out of the bottom
    please advise

    sylvia freedman on

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