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Feng Shui-Friendly Houseplants

Posted by The Sill on

In honor of the Chinese New Year, we're sharing our favorite feng shui houseplants. In general, houseplants are innately feng shui-friendly because they emit positive energy and eliminate indoor air pollutants, but here are six basic principals to follow when choosing a feng shui plant and placing it in your home - 

6 Tips for Feng Shui-Friendly Houseplants: 

  1. Avoid thorns and sharp pointy plants; opt for plants with softer, rounder leaves 
  2. Don't be afraid of color; hues like purple, pink, fuchsia, and red promote the opening of the heart 
  3. A rule of feng shui is moderation so shy away from overdone container gardens 
  4. Disguise harsh lines, like corners which are said to stop the flow of chi through a house, with clusters of plants 
  5. Don't keep dead or dying plants - which emit negative energy - unless you're nursing them back to life, of course! 
  6. Mix plants - plants with feathery leaves promote tranquility, while plants with broad, full leaves promote energy 

Our Favorite Feng Shui-Friendly Houseplants:
  • Jade  
  • Rubber plant 
  • Bird of paradise 
  • Peace lily 
  • Assorted ferns 
  • Bamboo
  • Dracaena 
  • Ficus plant 
  • Philodendron 

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  • Hi Janna! The plant is a Pilea peperomioides, more commonly known as a Chinese Money Plant.

    The Sill on

  • Hi, I am wondering what the plan is that is shown in the far left third row (far left one from the bottom)? I guessed it was a lily but I am not finding similar images when I google “peace lily.” Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

    Janna White on

  • So delighted to have discovered, “The Sill”, today! Just this morning my husband & I were planning our 1st indoor herb garden! I’m ordering him the adorable, “Lucky-Heart”, Hoya plant, for his Valentines Gift…perfect!

    Heather Silguero on

  • Hi Marisa! The plant on the top-right is called a Monstera deliciosa, sometimes also referred to as a split-leaf Philodendron.

    The Sill on

  • What is the name of the top-right plant?

    Marisa on

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