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Keeping Holiday Plants Fresh Long After The Holidays

Posted by The Sill on

Unlike cut flowers, houseplants don't have an expiration date. This makes them both great to gift and great to decorate with. Popular holiday houseplants like vibrant poinsettias and miniature evergreens can survive long after the holiday season is over. Follow our top five tips to make sure your holiday plants are around next December:

  1. Popular holiday plants like poinsettias, evergreens, and christmas cacti like bright, indirect light. Keep them on a sunny windowsill. If light is direct, draw a thin curtain. If your apartment lacks natural light altogether, place plants directly under (about 18 inches) a fluorescent lamp during the day. 
  2. Be mindful of temperature. You might want to blast your heat but ideally holiday plants like it cool - 60s/70s during the day, and 50s/60s at night. 
  3. Water once or twice weekly, but be careful not to overwater. Keep evergreens moist with a spray bottle. 
  4. Remove all dead leaves and flowers, but save any significant pruning for the spring. If they're in holiday packaging, for example a paper or foil sleeve, remove it. Decorative sleeves usually push leaves up and block light - ultimately shortening a plant's lifespan. 
  5. Your holiday plants like it cool, but not cold. Unless you live in southern Florida, don't plan to place your plants outside until late spring. Remember - poinsettias are native to Mexico. 

For inspiration for incorporating plants in to your Holiday decor, visit our dedicated Holiday Pinterest Board


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