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Tired Plants On The Job

Posted by The Sill on

Do you work in a busy corporate office? (or any office, really) Then you're probably pretty familiar with the neglected subjects below. In his series Plants on the Job, photographer Kirk Crippens documents the unfortunate decline of the office plant. 

We admit Kirk's tugged on our heart strings just a little. The benefits of plants in the office far outweigh the effort it takes to keep them alive. So give it a try. Get an office plant. If there is a hiccup along the way, shoot us an email & we'll try our best to help. Our favorite easy-care office plants? Try a ZZ plant, a snake plant, or a philodendron. All three are practically indestructible, and can tolerate low light. Perfect for those with a busy schedule and an office cubicle. 

(images via Krik Crippens at





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