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Succulent Wreath

Posted by The Sill on

Our Holiday Succulent Wreath tutorial from DailyCandy's NYC Bazaar. 


- 3 branches of bay laurel
- 3 stems of seeded eucalyptus
- 3 stems of rosemary
- 4 succulents (we like using Echeveria because of their rosette shape and gorgeous hues) 
- 3 clusters of viburnum berries
- 2 air plants
- 5 branches of cedar
- 5 twigs

We picked up our greenery at the Dutch Flower Line - an amazing wholesale distributor in NYC's Flower District. 

*Like most recipes, some ingredients can be swapped out for others - so get creative! Tailor your choices to fit your aesthetic. Need some inspiration? Scroll through our Pinterest Boards - Holiday and Entertaining 101.

- 10-inch wreath frame
- two or three 6-inch lengths of medium-gauge wire 


1. Cut your flowers (bay laurel, eucalyptus, and rosemary) into approximately 6-inch-long or slightly longer pieces.
2. Create a bundle in your hand with 3 to 4 pieces of your greenery and place it on the frame. Pinch the stems together near the bottom and wrap wire around the bundle and frame several times.
3. Make a second bundle and lay it on top of the first, covering the stems of the first bundle. Hold the bundle in place and wrap the wire around it and the frame several times.
4. Continue making and attaching small bundles all the way around the wreath's frame.
5. Time to add your succulents. Remove the lower leaves from the larger succulents to create a small stem. Insert a piece of wire through the stem just below the leaves, then place your succulent on the wreath and wrap the ends of the wire around the back of frame and twist to secure. Repeat with as many succulents as you'd like.
6. Tuck clusters of viburnum berries into the wreath to add color. Use wire as necessary.
7. Gently wrap a piece of wire around the base of each air plant and secure them to the wreath in the same manner as the succulents.
8. To finish, tuck in twigs throughout the wreath. Add any extras (bows, ribbons, mini ornaments, etc.) 

P.S. We want to see your holiday plant wreaths-! Email us at or tag us @TheSill on Instagram.


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