Our Top 10 Tricks To Beat The Winter Blues

With winter in full force, we're all feeling that seasonal slump. Here's how to fix it.

Our Top 10 Tricks To Beat The Winter Blues

Words by The Sill

With winter in full force, we're all feeling that seasonal slump. Here's how to fix it.

Maybe you're tired and moody. Maybe you lack motivation. Maybe you've finally taken down those holiday decorations – only to be greeted by a stark, cold space. But there’s a silver lining here: you are not alone in these feelings. It is estimated that over ten million Americans suffer from some form of seasonal depression. Spring's thaw is still a ways away so we're sharing our team’s suggestions to help beat those winter blues because we feel them too.

Pro tip: Of course plants are on the list (#9) - here are some especially colorful options to add a pop of color, and visual warmth, to your space!

1. Get moving

Whether you're a ClassPass junkie or just make the effort to take the stairs instead of the elevator – get that body moving and releasing those "feel good" chemicals as often as you can.

2. Eat healthy 

There’s no denying that what we eat directly impacts how we feel. Now is not the time to skimp at the salad bar. Load up on complex carbs like whole wheat and veggies, and don't forget to stay hydrated with lots of H2O.

3. Soak up the sun

Keep your shades up during the daylight hours. Sit near a window whenever you get the chance. And if a bulb goes out in your home, replace it with a full spectrum bulb, which mimics natural light and can have the same effect on your mind as the real thing.

4. Treat yourself 

Leave work on time to head to happy hour with a pal or to treat yourself to a solo spa pedicure. Planning something to look forward to will keep you motivated and the anticipation will improve your mood.

5. Relax, for real

Don't be afraid to say no to plans, and say it often. Make time to take time for yourself. Read for pleasure, or finally catch up on the last season of RHONY. We're not judging, we’re watching too. 

6. Embrace the season

If you have a lot of free time (said no one ever), take up a winter-only sport like skiing. Or if you don't – buy some cute new gloves instead. Equally as mood-boosting, and much warmer.

7. Be social, sometimes 

Don't underestimate the power of a phone call or coffee date to instantly lift your mood. Playing long distance phone tag? Send them a little something to let them know you’re thinking of them. 

8. Sleep

It can be tough to prioritize but aim for 7-8 hours a night, and try to keep your bedtime hour consistent. In the morning, skip the snooze button. Oversleeping can actually make you more tired.

9. Get some houseplants 

The benefits of indoor plants far outweigh any effort it takes to care for them. Studies have shown indoor plants can boost your mood, increase your productivity, concentration, and creativity, and reduce your stress and fatigue. Get every room in your home a plant, STAT (we’re not biased or anything).

10. Add color

Your home should always be your oasis, but especially in the wintertime when you might be spending more time indoors than you’d like to. Invest in home goods that bring you joy – a cozy new blanket, or colorful new planter for your favorite plant, or a new piece of art for above the couch.