The Best Gifts for Every Person in Your Life

Holiday shopping is in full swing, and we have a plant option for everyone on your list. 

The Best Gifts for Every Person in Your Life

Words by The Sill

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Holiday shopping is in full swing, and we have a plant option for everyone on your list. 

The holidays are on their way, and our shopping list seems to be getting longer and longer, whether it’s shopping for our family and friends or getting a last-minute Secret Santa present.  

We’ve rounded up our favorite plants for everyone on your list, from your parents to your best friend:

1. Your Mom decorated holiday wreath

If your mom is a big decorator and loves getting your home ready for the holidays or in general, the Holiday Wreath is for her. Whether she hangs the wreath above your family mantle or creates a centerpiece for your dining room table, she’ll love the fresh feel. 

2. Your Dad

best sellers duoSometimes, fathers can be hard to buy for (especially if he’s the kind of guy that already has everything!). Don’t worry: our Best Sellers Duo, featuring our customer favorite Monstera Deliciosa and low-light favorite Snake Plant, has everything a plant person could want. 

3. Your Grandmother

poinsettiaIf your grandmother is an old school cool kind of woman, get her the Poinsettia. It will immediately bring the holiday vibes home and help her to remember the good old days while making new memories. 

4. Your Grandfather

philodendronWe love a grandfather who loves his favorite chair and spot in the living room. Give him some extra company with our The Living Room Duo, featuring our leafy Green Philodendron and Snake Plant. 

5. Your Significant Other

hoya heart duoIf you want a gift for your loved one that will remind them of you, consider the Hoya Heart Duo. This heart-shaped plant will make every day feel like Valentine’s Day. And, if you want to have matching gifts, keep one for yourself and give your significant other the second one for the modern best friend necklace.  

6. Your Best Friend

stocking stuffer kitDoes your best friend need a little plant love? Consider the Plant Parent Set for a thoughtful way to fill their home with plants. If your friend is already a plant expert, consider the Stocking Stuffer Kit for a nice way to keep their indoor jungle going all year long.

7. Your Youngest Family Member

diy terrarium kitIf your youngest sibling, cousin, niece or nephew needs a little something to get their plant journey started, consider the DIY Terrarium Kit. It will let them get their hands dirty while getting started on caring for plants (and succulents are a great place to start). 

8. Your Sister 

macrame hangerLooking for something creative and cute for your sister? Consider getting her a trailing plant like our Pothos paired with Yerbamala’s Macramé Plant Hanger for a stylish way to add plants to her favorite space.

9. Your Brother

coffee plantIf your brother likes a strong cup of joe, help his mornings start off right with the Coffee Plant. This low-maintenance plant pick is perfect for adding a little spice to his space. 

10. A Secret Santa 

succulent trioIf you’re wrapping up your holiday list and still need something sweet for your Secret Santa or White Elephant gift, consider the Succulent Trio. These three are great for just about anyone and can add some simple, beautiful decor to any room or sill. 

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