Four Ways to Style a Faux Monstera Frond

With the introduction of our faux line comes clever approaches for styling the fan-favorite frond.

Four Ways to Style a Faux Monstera Frond

Words by The Sill

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With the introduction of our faux line comes clever approaches for styling the fan-favorite frond.

Known for their glossy texture and naturally occuring leaf-holes, the Monstera frond is the workhorse of the decorative leaf variety. Its scale and rich green hue make them a showstopper in any space; its organic and bold shape has become an iconic motif, ubiquitous across interior, fashion and branding design; and they’re relatively low on the spectrum of the “plants I’ll most certainly end up killing” category. Monstera are species of tropical vines that are native to South America, two species of which are cultivated as houseplants. Often operating under the alias of the Swiss Cheese Plant (or the lesser known moniker: the Mexican Breadfruit Plant), Monsteras are a universally hip and dramatic botanical addition to any home. While the real-deal houseplant — and its beloved leafy stalks — are fairly easy to care for, consider taking a more sustainable approach with our artificial monstera fronds. Endless styling possibilities, zero water required.

Keep it Simple

What makes a Monstera frond so objectively perfect is that it’s tropical and modern all at once. Its versatility makes it a winning choice for both eclectic and spartan spaces and everything in between. And speaking of spartan: since the dynamic shape holds it own in any environment, a single frond can speak volumes. Style an individual frond in a sturdy but simple glass vase for an effortless understatement and place on a bare dining table for maximum effect. If playing with scale is your thing, try this same one-frond approach but in a tighter, more intimate setting, like a bathroom. Not only will your faux frond survive even the steamiest of showers, nothing says low-key drama like a giant tropical leaf atop your vanity or on the bathroom sink of your pint-size city apartment. Sometimes less really is more.

Great Heights

Faux Monstera fronds are space-filling heroes; their lengthy stems, theatrical shape and lush green color are the perfect antidote for a vignette lacking height or a room that is craving some dynamism. When accessorizing a space, variety in size and shape of objects is crucial. Take styling a mantel, for example: to keep the surface from looking flat, introducing a tall element amongst a stack of books and smaller pieces is a sure-fire way to create balance (and even better if the accent object is made from a different material). A Monstera frond checks all of those boxes and more. An awkward corner that’s too narrow for a piece of furniture? Place a trio of fronds in a ceramic vase on the floor (stack on top of a pile of coffee table books for extra height). Need something to balance your low-sitting console table and the big piece of art above it? You get the picture. In addition to inciting visual interest, our faux fronds require the care of a pet rock and can live wherever great heights are desired.

Seasonless Tablescapes

Quality faux fronds are evergreen in their usability and year-round style, making them an ideal choice for centerpieces and tablescapes for all four seasons. For spring and fall fêtes, pull out those stray glass vessels you’ve accidentally acquired along the way and arrange them in a cluster, dropping in fronds of varying quantities and heights (the faux fronds can easily be trimmed) for a clean, airy aesthetic. Style with (real) Birds-of-Paradise stems in the summertime for an exotic moment. For the holidays, swap out the glass jars for a mix of short and tall ceramic vases. Remove a few Monstera fronds from some of the vases and replace with long branches of Magnolia or Christmas Berries (real or artificial) for a visual feast of deep, waxy greens and warm reds. Waste-free and easy-to-clean, they’ll be good to go for years to come.

Fake Propagate

Propagating plants is indeed a careful and rewarding process, but for those of us who have more of an artistic eye than a green thumb, consider taking the cultivation into your own hands by “repurposing” individual Monstera fronds into a pot of your own liking. Perhaps you want a look that falls somewhere between a single frond arrangement and a full-on Monstera houseplant? Use as many single stalks as you desire to create that middle ground in your favorite ceramic planter. Use real soil to elevate the presentation and to hold each frond in place once you’ve gotten them where you want them. And while these clippings won’t yield new plants over time, their style remains perennial.

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