A Mother’s Day Gift Mom Will Love

From flawlessly introducing a trendy plant to tackling windowless room woes, our plant specialist Chrissy will set you up with the perfect plant pick.

“I need to send my Mom a present for Mother’s Day! I’ve gotten her fruit baskets every year so I need something new. Any recommendations for a unique gift?” —Jeanne, River Edge NJ

Plants make people happy, but giving them to those you care about brings just as much happiness! Show mama some love on Mother’s Day by gifting her our Mother's Day Trio

An exclusive May bundle — our Mother's Day Trio is a set of three easy-care potted plants: the Hoya Heart paired with our cream Ezra planter, the Anthurium paired with mini mint High Line planter, and the Calla Lily paired with our small blush Prospect Planter. Each plant comes potted in our potting mix to increase plant health, longevity, and growth.

Want to make it extra special? Add our heart-shaped Mom's New Favorite ceramic message pop!

Need a plant recommendation? Email me at info@thesill.com.

  • Only a few left
    10 Potted Options
    Hoya Heart Plant
    10 Potted Options
  • Only a few left
    8 Options
    Ceramic Message Pops
    8 Options
  • Only a few left
    80 Options
    $100 $14+ select colors
    Prospect Planter
    X-Small – Large
    80 Options
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