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Friday Find: Limegreen


Meet Limegreen: Local and Lovely


It's true - we haven't used a multi-use products since our days of L'Oreal Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo (these: fish-shaped bottles). Until we came across Limegreen, a line of multi-use cleaning products proudly made in Brooklyn. They use ingredients we can pronounce, and have a young female entrepreneurial founder. We had to learn more. 

Founder Talima credits a North Carolina upbringing and her resourceful grandmother, Catherine, as her inspiration. "My grandmother always had some type of concoction up her sleeve," explained Talima.

After 11 years as an Art Production Manager, Talima decided to leave her career and devote herself full-time to Limegreen. A beauty product enthusiast, she found herself with a crowded medicine cabinet and an empty wallet."I wanted to create products that were genuinely multi-use. Not 'can be used as' if you get desperate." 

(Photo by Christine Cloutier) 

More About Talima, In Her Own Words


I am a maker, I make products and beautiful things. This past September I created something so much more - a beautiful baby girl. She has changed me in every way. I see myself in her. She loves to laugh and smile constantly - everything is funny to her (which isn’t so funny to me at three in the morning). It’s a great feeling to bring her to the studio and create. I love that she sees me doing what I love, everyday.



Favorite Products (They Change Daily)

Right now its Zinnia spray, a room, linen, and body spray.


Above: The Sill's product picks - spray, candle, oil. (Product photos by Alexis Lamb) 

Most Frequent Customer Feedback

[Because our products are multi-use] I hear customers say they use it down to the last drop, which makes me feel good. 


What's In The Works Now...

The release of our Balm - a calendula and chamomile based balm that I have been working on for a year. It is a lip and body balm, can tame fly aways, and for busy moms like me, it can be used on our little ones from head to toe.

And we have to ask - do you have a favorite plant?

My favorite type of plants are hen and chicks, a type of succulent, that reminds me of North Carolina. They thrive with little water and are beautiful. I do have a green thumb - this summer I have plans to turn my backyard into a vegetable garden. It is already April and I haven't planned a thing.

I have about 20 plants around my house and studio… Plants make me happy. Both my mom and grandmother have a million plants in their windowsills and around their homes.

Now that's a girl after our own heart… 


April Host & Hostess Gift Guide

The month of April brings two big holidays - Easter and Passover - and finally a little bit of sun to get us out and about. Keeping this in mind, we rounded up our favorite host and hostess finds for under fifty bucks, so all you have to do is write the thank you note! 

Gift Guide: Slate Cheese Board - Brooklyn Slate Company; August potted plant - The Sill; Plant Mister - West Elm; Candle - Limegreen; Colored Pencils - Muji; Champagne Tote - Maptote; The Drunken Botanist - Terrain; Fabric Bear - Saturday


Special Delivery

“For moi?” you might ask. Being presented with a well-wrapped gift elicits an elusive emotion we can’t quite put our finger on. But we’re certain it’s something liken to glee, and it also makes us speak in French. 

Did you know - whether the plant is a gift to yourself or to a friend - we tend to its packing with care and deliberation? We want to conjure that certain je ne sais quoi every time you send or receive a plant. Each potted plant is carefully potted and packaged the day of delivery, and hand-delivered by our messenger on foot. No pricing or receipt is included - but a care card and a handwritten note are. In addition to complimentary delivery, we offer a 30-day plant guarantee, and a forever plant care helpline - proving it is never too late, or too elementary, to grow a green thumb. 


April 08, 2014 by The Sill

Sleep Better With These Houseplants

Waking up to a room full of plants is amazing, especially knowing that you slept better because of them. A recent study showed that simply touching a plant's leaves can calm you down. Another way plants soothe? Their scent. The flowers of Jasmine, Gardenia, and Lavender are known for improving the quality of sleep. For example, Jasmine's scent can decrease anxiety and improve one's attitude after waking up - not making you sleep more, but making you sleep better. Gardenia's fragrant flowers apparently act on the exact same neurotransmitter as valium does, while research has shown the scent of Lavender produces calming, soothing, and sedative effects when inhaled. Place one of these fragrant beauties potted on your side table and reap the benefits. 

Images via Pinterest - follow us here



Indoor Gardens // Kees Muizelaar

"Ever since my childhood I am fascinated by how people dress their windowsills with their plants," says documentary photographer Kees Muizelaar. "Throughout the years, I started paying more and more attention to how people would decorate their windowsills and arrange their plants."
Muizelaar's curiosity eventually got the best of him when he rang a doorbell and asked the residents if he could photograph their windowsill. This was the start of his exploration of the world of "indoor gardens" and the owners that care for them. "These owners create their own little oasis and want to keep in touch with nature," Muizelaar explains, "even if they live on the third floor of an apartment building." Looks like we need to up our houseplant game! #BringTheOutdoorsIn 


See more of Kees Muizelaar's fantastic work here




Shop Profile // KESTREL

Meet Kestrel - Eliza Jane Bradley's Northampton, Massachusetts based home decor shop, inspired by her love of nature and passion for handmade craft and design. Bradley and her team seek out local and nationally-based artisans who make, create, and handcraft beautiful wares, furniture, and jewelry. The shop and its contents combine minimalist modern with a vintage aesthetic and an emphasis on horticulture. We're honored to have The Sill's stoneware planters included in Kestrel's carefully curated line of products. If you find yourself in Noho, be sure to stop by and say hello! Read our Q&A with Bradley below. 

Name: Eliza Jane Bradley
Location: 22 Masonic Street Northampton, MA 01060
Age (of store): 1.5yrs

How did Kestrel start? 

Opening up a shop was always a dream. I’ve always had a love for high quality handmade goods, a passion for design, textiles, and nature. I wanted to have a shop that was filled with beautiful objects, a welcoming comfortable space full of lovely things that I could share with people. Getting laid off from my job in San Francisco really pushed me to bring the dream to fruition. My hometown of Northampton is the place I always envisioned having a store. It's a lovely little town nestled in the Pioneer Valley amongst five colleges, a beautiful landscape, and an appreciation for artisan goods. I felt there was a need, an aesthetic that was missing here that perhaps I could fill.

How did Kestrel get its name?

My late stepfather was an avid falconer and growing up we had many birds of prey. I had a particular bond with our little Kestrel “little wing” as he was small enough for me to hold, and fly, and far less intimidating than the larger Peregrine Falcons and Red-Tailed Hawks. I wanted to come up with a name that reflected the natural aesthetic of the shop, something that evoked a little intrigue or mystery and have a special personal meaning to me. Kestrel just fit.

How is the shop designed?

The design of the shop is really about the juxtaposition of aesthetics and textures. There is a mix of old and new, sort of a vintage industrial meets modern minimalist design. Textures like polished concrete, reclaimed barn board, matte glazes, linen, feathers and plants really define the space.

What does Kestrel sell?

We work with a number of amazing artists and companies to offer a mix of unique home goods, jewelry, and fine furniture, all amidst an element of beautiful and lush plants, tillandsia and terrariums. 

How do you curate your pieces?

As an example, many of our products are thoughtfully displayed on/amongst industrial artifacts from old New England mills, machine shops and barns.

What is your favorite product or company you carry at the moment?

That’s a tough question – there’s so many! Honestly I’m totally in love with the Ezra and Jules planters from [The Sill]! They are such a nice addition and a perfect fit with the shop. Beautifully made pots are so hard to find.

What are 3 of your favorite buys for spring?

We’ve just brought in wonderful terrarium making kits from Garden in Atlanta! They are packaged beautifully and they make such great gifts! We have a new line of soy candles that are lovely by a husband and wife team, Pomme Frites out of LA. Small Batch production with scents like Teakwood + Tobacco, Fig + Jasmine, Spruce and Sweet Grapefruit — they are quite delicious! We just started working with Oakland based Lauren Wolf who makes beautiful and intricate jewelry. Jewelry and signs of spring, two things that just make you feel good! 


What is your favorite plant?

String of Pearls! Such a fascinating and elegant plant! 

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Photography by Andrew Stuart 


P.S. Own a boutique shop you feel would be a perfect fit for The Sill's stoneware? Shoot us a line at 


Nightly Doodles // Jenipher Lyn

Meet the artist behind our new gift cards! Jenipher Lyn of Nightly Doodles is an illustrator specializing in whimsical, encouraging, and often punny, illustrations. In 2010, while going through a rough patch, Jenipher started a doodle project called Nightly Doodles. She has since continuously drawn one doodle just about every night and posts it to various web pages to inspire others. Since the start of the project, Nightly Doodles has grown into hangable artwork, tote bags, and even baby onesies. 

"My drawings are mostly whimsical, punny doodles, and happy, encouraging words of wisdom that everyone - especially women and girls - need to hear!" explains Jenipher. Affirmation is an important aspect of Jenipher's work. She considers her drawings to be her small contribution to make the big world a better place - one smile at a time. We think its working :D 


We're also thrilled to announce, after a successful Kickstarter project, Jenipher's encouraging book "How Being Stubborn, Depressed, and Unpopular Saved My Life" is in the process of being printed. You can preorder it here




Midweek Musing // Anastasia Dyakovskaya Photography

We were introduced to writer and photographer Anastasia Dyakovskaya through a friend and instantly fell for her photos. Born and raised in New York City, hiking and camping were never part of Dyakovskaya's life growing up, but she always felt an innate desire to be more connected to nature. There's little she finds more awe-inspiring than vast expanses like the great American west and the Scottish Highlands, but it's the power of green spaces in big cities that she finds particularly fascinating. “Whether it's a beautiful selection of succulents to come home to, or a 5-minute pause in a tree-lined city square, there's something immediately calming when in the presence of plants,” says Dyakovskaya, “a much-needed escape in a city like this.” We agree. 

Below, Dyakovskaya shares her favorite Green Escapes with us. 

1: I’m lucky enough to have a little oasis of my own at my apartment in Williamsburg. Our kitchen window leads out onto a quaint little rooftop, perfect for sunbathing and taking in a little greenery. After this crazy winter, I’m looking forward to when everything’s in bloom again.

2: Green space takes on a whole new meaning in the fall, when it starts to become red, yellow, orange, purple and so much more. New Yorkers are lucky in that we’re part of the Northeast, prime for autumn leaf-peeking adventures. Montreal is only a 6-hour drive away, and the ride is gorgeous. Perfect for a long weekend.

3: I look at this shot and Albany is the last place in the world that comes to mind, but this happens to be right on the edge of the city’s Empire State Plaza. It’s a beautiful, quiet reminder to take advantage of the corners of earth that happen to emerge in urban areas.

4: I captured this image on a day trip to the Storm King Art Center, which is just over an hour away from the city by car. It’s an amazing sculpture park with so much to see, and such a welcome retreat from NYC. This scene in particular struck me as a powerful expression of natural refuge.

5: San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is easily one of my most favorite city parks in the world. It’s wild and gorgeous and the trees are breathtaking – twice as tall as any that I’ve seen in New York City. Just beyond the path is Hippie Hill, an ideal spot for people watching.

6: Slacklining is hugely popular in Europe, and stumbling across a group of enthusiasts (like these in Montpellier) always makes for a fun departure from everyday life. I love how inviting green spaces are in that regard, especially in cities – they offer a chance to break away from daily routines and do something completely different.


P.S. You can view more of Dyakovskaya's work on her website World In Question


March 19, 2014 by The Sill

Balcony Gardens

Gardening in New York can be daunting - but have no fear, we're here to help! This month we're sharing some of our favorite urban garden inspiration with you. Now it is not a backyard in the suburbs, but it is not a fire escape either. A balcony is big enough for a garden lover, but small enough for one with a full-time job. If you're lucky enough to call the city home - and have a balcony to boot - enjoy our inspiration and tips below. 

8 Tips for Balcony Gardeners-To-Be: 

  1. Study your light. Which direction does your balcony face? Pick the appropriate plants. 
  2. Try to keep everything in containers to make seasonal-changes easier to facilitate. 
  3. Choose sturdy containers like terra cotta or stoneware over plastic, which will hold in moisture better and have better stability on windy days. 
  4. Group planters together to making watering more efficient. During hot summer days, some plants could need to be watered daily! 
  5. Don't be afraid to grow herbs and vegetables! 
  6. Make the most of it. IKEA is a great source for inexpensive outdoor furniture - even a little folding chair will make all the difference. 
  7. Create privacy. Add trellis and train climbing plants to grow up them. This also adds vertical interest. 
  8. Make peace with the "wildlife" - don't let a curious squirrel ruin your day.


 Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Urban Garden Pinterest board



Fire Escape Gardens

We're celebrating the coming of spring (and a surprise service soon to launch…) with a whole month of outdoor gardening inspiration! First up, the fire escape garden.

Safety aside -- the utilization of the fire escape has become one solution to New Yorkers' lack of private green space. Mind you there are strict codes prohibiting keeping *anything* out on your fire escape. So while we can't endorse this urban oasis, we still can't help but salute all you rule breakers out there. Let's just say we're admiring you from afar (or from below). 

All images via Pinterest - follow our Fire Escape Plants board here